Photovoltaic park maintenance

Photovoltaic park maintenance is an implicit requirement of their optimal functioning. Photovoltaic park owners and beneficiaries contact us for all maintenance and service operations.

We are a solar park developer, the engineers and electricians of which are highly qualified to undertake any photovoltaic park-related operation, which can sometimes be delicate and often dangerous.

Invertor maintenance is a typical operation for any photovoltaic park. The service process focuses on switches, circuit fuses, overvoltage risks and ventilation systems, in compliance with the maintenance manual of each unit.

We are an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company. After building a photovoltaic park, we monitor the invertor’s software constantly, as we are in a close relationship with the manufacturer.

According with the European standard EN62446:2009 we inspect the solar park annually for safety reasons, in compliance with fire hazard regulations and other standards. The foundation grounding, and the lightning and short circuit protection will be thoroughly analysed, and all conclusions will be passed on to you in a report.

All the aforementioned issues, as well as other information, are part of monthly reports you will be receiving, which will help you keep track of costs, production, energy transfer to the national network, income and, obviously, profit. We do this in order to prove to you that photovoltaic parks are a good choice. Alternative energy really is worth the effort and you will undoubtedly see the associated benefits.

Photovoltaic park maintenance

In addition to the fact that the photovoltaic park’s very reliability is based on O&M (operations and maintenance), you need maintenance because you surely wish to take full advantage of the electricity production opportunities associated to solar energy (renewable energy).

This type of park management is entirely our responsibility, as are park operations services, for which a maintenance technician is always available. The fact that we closely monitor your investment, as if it were our own, means we eliminate all disruptive factors and risks.

For instance, without a thermal camera inspection, the areas of the solar panel that do not transform solar energy into electricity at full capacity cannot be identified. Maintenance therefore helps optimize performance.

Maintenance services Basic Standard Premium
Daily monitoring
Analytical reports
Semestrial inspection
Anual inspection
Invertor maintenance
Transformer maintenance
Permanent availability of a maintenance technician
Alarm intervention On demand 5 interventions included UNLIMITED
Thermal camera inspection On demand On demand
Vegetation removal On demand On demand
Solar panel cleaning On demand On demand
Extra services
TUV Austria Hellas quality certification
Green Certificates
Production forecast

Werk Energy Services

  • Annual inspection
  • Thermal camera inspection
  • Monitoring, reports and interventions
  • Transformer and invertor maintenance
  • Upon request: production forecast and Green Certificates
  • Upon request: TUV Austria Hellas quality certification
  • Permanent availability of a maintenance technician
  • On-site station maintenance (removal of vegetation and rodents)
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