Energy supply offer

There are certain factors that influence the cost of energy, and there are regulations that increase prices by means of excise, tariffs, taxes and so on.

Since we wish for our clients to be well informed, we pay great attention to the market’s contract and price conditions, in order to be able to position ourselves and our clients comfortably and advantageously.

Werk Energy is a green energy provider that caters to both household (who buy electricity for their own personal use) and non-household (who buy electricity for economic or professional activities) clients. The price of our electricity remains unchanged as long as the contractual terms are respected.

Regardless which energy provider is active in your area, we will work together so that no additional costs come your way.

To sum up, we sell electricity and provide advantageous energy supply conditions wherever you may need it.

Energy supply offer

The continuous effort to provide green energy is deeply rooted in our core values. This is why we wish to make it accessible to all those who want to get involved, at least in terms of consumption, in the mitigation of the negative effects that non-renewable electricity generates in today’s society.

Big investors are currently placing their chips on alternative energy. We want to assure you of the success of their investment. Costs do not fluctuate, and there is no uncertainty in the client-provider relationship. This is why our proposals cannot be ignored by those who value their own good and the efforts to use renewable energy.

Energy supply offer
  • Data on electricity prices
  • Constituting elements of prices
  • Benefits of the supply offer
  • Specific economic terms
  • Billing terms
  • Offer validity
  • Contract duration
  • Contact data
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