Photovoltaic Parks

Photovoltaic parks are systems that capture solar energy and convert it into electricity using solar (photovoltaic) cells. They are important green energy sources that we, Werk Energy, promote and market.

We provide initial consulting in order to determine whether your requirements and our solutions are a good match, we design and perform customized studies, we prepare the appropriate solutions and commission the necessary works for installing the solar park.

The resulting electricity can become a revenue source, as we will purchase the energy you produce, over a long period of time, at a higher price than the market average, and we will sell it in specialized markets.

Solar parks require maintenance in order to have good long-term results; without it, the parks’ productivity decreases in the medium- and long-terms. We provide maintenance and operations services, and we correct reactive energy (in order for the systems to comply with A.N.R.E. regulations). Reactive energy is the energy you cannot use for consumption, but which appears nonetheless on your bill.

A solar park normally has a 25-year lifespan, which can be extended by ensuring professional maintenance benefiting the green energy.

Photovoltaic Parks

There are strong reasons for choosing green energy over the other types of sources, and increasingly more individuals and companies are beginning to see the benefits of going green.

The fact that green electricity does not have any fluctuations cost, as is the case of conventional source-produced electricity, results in stability, predictability and, implicitly, in precise long-term budget planning. There are, of course, many other arguments in favour of green energy, and you can find them below.

Photovoltaic energy is green energy obtained from a primordial source: solar radiation. It generates no pollutants, it is inexpensive and of high quality; constant optimal-level voltage can be ensured from natural sources without damaging nature.

Photovoltaic Parks
  • Non-polluting electricity
  • Its source is permanent and secure
  • It makes you an active member of the green energy movement
  • It is a stable revenue source
  • It produces electricity even if the weather is cloudy
  • It provides autonomy from third parties who raise prices
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