Rooftop photovoltaic plants

Werk Energy provides the construction of rooftop photovoltaic plants, so that you can benefit from this energy source over a period of at least 25 years!

In the beginning of our collaboration, we provide initial consulting in order to identify the energy consumption needs of the building/house, and the way we can address these needs.

Afterwards, we design a photovoltaic plant that matches your project’s size, consumption needs, and budget. The customized studies we will perform aim to adjust the photovoltaic plant so that you can maximize your electricity-related benefits.

The next step consists of the actual green energy plant assembly and installation process. The electricity you produce on your very own roof, on an area of minimum 100 square meters, will also provide you with financial benefits.

At daytime, the plant’s batteries stores electricity, which is released at night-time, in order for you to be able to use the electricity at your convenience.

Rooftop photovoltaic plants

In addition to the aforementioned advantages of producing your own electricity for the building/house you live in, a new law allows owners who install rooftop solar panels with capacities ranging from 1kW to 500 kW to transfer the residual production (excess) to national electricity networks.

This electricity output will be paid at a much higher rate than the market average for 15 years, and starting with the 16th year the standard rate will be applied (market value). This is how profitable your decision to have us install a rooftop photovoltaic plant can be!

Rooftop photovoltaic plants
  • Energy autonomy
  • Income source opportunity
  • Green energy source
  • It replaces power generators
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