Installing charging stations for electric cars

Your company itself can become an active player in the electric car market! In this emerging market, you can be the company/organization/institution that hosts a charging station for electric cars.

The DC/AC charging stations we provide will be used for charging electric cars. If you wish to make a profit with such stations, don’t hesitate and contact us!

For these stations, we provide construction, operations and maintenance (O&M). It is enough for you to express your willingness and we will handle the rest. The resulting revenues will be all yours.

The Sibiu Cityhall is the first public institution in which such an electric car charging station was installed in May 2016. This proves that local authorities support the electric car industry, and also points to the fact that electric car charging stations are worth investing in!

Installing charging stations for electric cars

The large retailers of the Romanian market have already installed such stations. There is a clearly upward trend in purchasing electric, non-pollutant cars, and this trend is here to stay, as the overall interest in non-pollutant energy is constantly growing.

Having such a station on your property can become an increasingly stable revenue source that complies with your moral principles on reducing fossil fuel-related pollution. You can contribute to ensuring an ample electric car energy supply and, implicitly, to lowering pollution.

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