Commercial operations of photovoltaic parks

Seeing as we take on solar park management, we also handle the commercial operations. The resulting electricity is an intangible product, which can only be quantified in produced MW.

This is why, there is a competent authority that gathers production information and associates it to consumption records in order to statistically process the data and develop regulations that will further support green energy production.

Photovoltaic parks do not produce electricity constantly therefore, based on several factors, including meteorology, we generate daily production forecasts. The fluctuating electricity amount reaches the regional distributor via Transelectrica, who distributes your electricity production at several points.

Balance Responsible parties (PRE) play an important role in the commercial operation of your solar park. We essentially handle the transmission of your production’s flux to the market.

The contracts that regulate these issues will be signed with the regional distributor and the authorized PRE you choose, and their management and execution will be our responsibility as well. You basically outsource all commercial operations to us.

Commercial operations of photovoltaic parks

You do not need to worry that at some point you will have no one to sell your park’s electricity production to. If you wish to have substantial revenues from green energy, this can be done, but daily resources will have to be invested in reporting, daily forecasts and procedures for OPCOM, ANRE, TRANSELECTRICA etc.

Why do we handle commercial operations? Because we are rigorous, proactive and we do not aim for immediate results that are sometimes followed by failure; in the energy market, good things take time, and the ramifications of photovoltaic parks have visible effects on the entire energy market. We plan our activity so that we get financial benefits for our clients, all while supporting the overall development of the renewable energy market.

Commercial operations of photovoltaic parks
  • Daily production forecast
  • Daily notifications to regional distributor
  • Daily notifications to PRE
  • Keeping in contact with regional distributor
  • Management and execution of contracts with the distributor and PRE
  • Reporting to A.N.R.E. in compliance with certain procedures
  • Daily notifications to OPCOM markets
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