About Us

We are an energy supplier working for excellence and we will help you reduce your energy supply costs considerably. Moreover, we encourage electricity production from renewable sources by installing rooftop photovoltaic power stations.

We have prepared an extensive service package that will address all of our clients’ energy-related needs, all while looking after their budgets. We wish to have an important role in keeping your business on the rise.

While the actual energy supply can be provided by many other companies, what sets us apart, in a good way, is the fact that our contracting, maintenance and service department offers a pre-contract analysis. We also provide specialized consulting services during the negotiation and execution of the contract, so that you can make the right short-, medium- and long-term decisions regarding electricity.

We wish to be able to provide green energy in order to show our respect to nature, and we can all benefit from an improved quality of life.

National and international standards regarding energy quality are of the utmost importance for us. A.N.R.E. (National Regulatory Authority for Energy) principles regulate all aspects of our field.

Our solid sense of morality, and ample analytical abilities translate into the respect, quality and security you, as our client, can benefit from. We have a thorough understanding of the market, we are rigorous in our analyses, and flexible when talking solutions; our coordination skills are way above average –otherwise we could not excel in the field.

Who are we?
About Us

We are an energy supplier with competitive prices and customized solutions for each of our clients.

We are also a growing factor for the role the renewable energy has.

We markedly focus on green energy, as well as on green technologies that can help you increase productivity and reduce energy consumption (and, implicitly, the costs). While our services consist of supplying electricity and related services, we are also open to sharing our know-how and expertise on power plants and photovoltaic parks, and suggest investment opportunities in the field.

The energy market is often a major media topic due to its being a volatile market in which regulations, prices, excises and taxes can undergo considerable changes. We constantly process and analyse all these issues, as we do not want to only state we are 100% committed to please our clients, but to prove it with our actions.

What are we doing?
About Us
  • We supply electricity at competitive prices
  • We prepare attractive offers for household and non-household consumers
  • We check the quality of the supplied energy
  • We perform power consumption optimization studies
  • We install rooftop power plants
  • We build and manage photovoltaic parks
  • We provide maintenance and operations services for photovoltaic parks
  • We buy energy that is produced by solar energy systems and other renewable resources
  • We correct reactive energy parameters for end consumers
  • We install charging stations for electric cars
  • We correct reactive energy parameters for photovoltaic parks according to ANRE regulations
  • We provide consulting services for green certificates
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