Consulting for green certificates

Green Certificates are ways to support renewable source-electricity producers. If you are an owner of a photovoltaic park, you will be entitled to subsidies, which take the form of such certificates.

Werk Energy, as an active energy supplier, is among the most reliable and dynamic companies in the energy and green certificate direct purchase market, therefore we can provide, upon request, consulting services for Green Certificates, as A.N.R.E. procedures and reporting are complex, and we want you to always reap the benefits with minimal effort.

You will receive Green Certificates proportionally to the green energy you produce, which is traded on the Centralized Green Certificate Market or on the Green Certificate Bilateral Contract Market.

Solar park management can be also assured by us, so that you can sell as much electricity as possible to market suppliers and, furthermore, upon request, we can provide consulting on Green Certificates, so that you get one additional benefit.

We also compute your annual energy output, we manage the Green Certificate account through which you can access trading markets, and we provide a number of other services, which means we take care of all necessary procedures, and you get to take advantage of subsidies

Consulting for green certificates

Managing a Green Certificate account, which is obtained when the photovoltaic park becomes operational, requires a thorough understanding of the field and of the two markets. As we are well versed in the concept, procedure and markets, we can provide consulting that will save you a lot of time and resources.

We prepare Green Certificate sale offers and we carry out the actual sales. We can also take on the mandatory reporting to regulatory authorities, so that you simply own the Green Certificates and subsequently benefit from the profits they generate. The system is essentially built around you, and we do all the work for you.

Consulting for green certificates
  • Computing the annual MWh outcome and the Green Certificate quota
  • Managing the Green Certificate account
  • Preparing offers for both markets
  • The actual trading of Green Certificates
  • Monthly reporting to Transelectrica
  • Upon request, monthly/biannual/annual reporting to A.N.R.E.
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